ALPHA Advance Series | Choose the right execution

Providing reliable standard weighing solutions, the brilliant design of the ALPHA Advance Series scales manages to cover all basic applications. To meet the different requirements of our customers, Yamato Scale offers five machine lines within the ALPHA Advance series: Standard, Compact, Waterproof, Twin (with 2-way discharge) and Snack version.

Transfer & discharge modes

Increase the efficiency of your production line! The multiple outlet function of the Yamato multihead weighers offers you the right technology for this.

Our latest models of the semi-automatic multihead weigher series

The new series of TSD-N3 semi-automatic multihead weighers combines manual loading of the scale with the advanced software for control and monitoring of the weighing process. The semi-automatic multihead weighers are the perfect solution for “challenging” products packed in fixed weights for the supermarket shelves.