At Yamato Scale, we are here for you well beyond your purchase of your Yamato weigher.

The Yamato service covers the entire lifespan of your Yamato machines.

For us at Yamato, customer satisfaction is key. The same quality and high standards that are applied in the development and manufacturing of the Yamato weighing solutions also apply to the Yamato services. The Yamato after-sales service portfolio provides you with a wide range of extensive high-quality services to ensure that your machines are always performing at their very best.

From our Yamato Service Center in Willich, Germany, we provide spare parts, trainings, troubleshooting either on-site at your facility or via remote control, preventative maintenance programs, repairs, software updates and much more for all generations of Yamato weighers.

Whether you need spare parts, trainings, preventative maintenance, new software or the intervention of a service technician, the Yamato Service Team is just a phone call away.

The Yamato After-Sales Service Portfolio

The following table gives you an impression of the services we provide to make sure that your Yamato machines are operating at maximum efficiency at all times.

Item Description
Spare Parts
Electronic component IO-boards, actuator units, operating units, etc.
Wearing parts Spare parts with a mechanical function
Product contact parts Feed pans, weigh and feed buckets, collating chutes, etc.
Basic spare parts package “Silver-Kit” Combination of electronic and wear parts that you should always have at hand
Extended spare parts package “Gold-Kit” “Silver-Kit” plus feed bucket, weigh bucket and actuator unit for extended production reliability
Spare parts package “Yamato-ID-Kit” Individual composition taking into account your production conditions
Technical service On-site repairs and maintenance
Complete overhaul of machines Complete overhaul of your machines at Yamato
Warranty extension For machines beyond the usual warranty period
Contract for ReQualification Preventive maintenance for your machines
Training for operating personnel At your facility and/or at Yamato in Willich
Webinar training for operating personnel Via internet
Weighing units | Exchange program Immediate exchange from our “unit pool”
Weighing units | Individual repairs Repair of your own unit
Weighing units | Extended Warranty Extended warranty for the use of repaired units
Control units | Individual repairs Repair of your own RCU unit
Mixing function 2 to 8 components
Counting function Exact number of products in one package
Priority head for additional items Add a specific product in every package
Feedback control Sends back signal to an upstream feeding device to conform weight of products to standard value
Data acquisition Data transfer to PC
Remote monitoring Remote control
Remote maintenance Remote service from Yamato technicians
Digital glasses for remote service | Y-ViTeSe Virtual Technical Service using digital glasses
Data Capture Software | STATS Data acquisition and evaluation using the Software STATS
WiFi Wireless data transmission
Ethernet port Real time data acquisition
Modular signal tower 3 or 4 colors and signal tone
Panel PC | Control unit Industrial PC for remote control
Stainless steel complete housing component for control unit Protection for your multihead scale control unit RCU-810-A
Webcam For production monitoring
Modernization set for multihead weighers Replacement of control units type RCU-600, RCU-800 and RCU-810 with RCU-810-A

In case of further questions, we will be happy to assist you.


Patrick Coursier

Technical General Manager


Uwe Kähler

Spare Parts Supervisor

Our consulting team comprises experienced technicians and competent members of our Spare Parts team, all readily available to advise you on the wide range of options for your weighing solutions.

Do not wait any longer!

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Hotline: +49 (0)2154 9159-0

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