Checkweighers - the J-Series

The Checkweigher with the best price-performance ratio

The Checkweighers of the J-Series are an innovation of the already successful I-Series. These weighers are characterized by equal high quality and reliability, but belong to our low-cost segment. Their key benefit is outstanding performance to in extremely competitive conditions.

Easy Operation

  • error and alert function
  • parts replacement alert function
  • tool-free maintenance
  • user-friendly function control
  • network ability for Intranet and Internet
  • feedback control
  • net weight fill function

Industry-Leading Performance Level

  • 45% improvement in weighing speed and accuracy
  • new type of high rigid cell reducing settle time
  • extremely robust load cell
  • optional dual load cell increases weighing accuracy
  • flexible design
  • various reject options

Food Safety

The Checkweighers of the J-Series are HACCP and GMP compliant and provide a high level of hygienic safety for a wide range of applications. The tubular framework is SUS with open frame structure, which minimizes dust accumulation. The conveyor belt is fully compliant and meets food hygiene laws. The Checkweighers of the J-Series correspond to IP30 protection class.

Checkweigher J-Series + Metal Detector

Highest quality with the best price-performance ratio

The Checkweighers of the J-Series are available with a highly reliable metal detector. The combination of the two is characterized by flexibility, and is therefore, widely applicable. The biggest advantage is the process simplification, as weight checking and metal detection have been combined in one device.

It is a high quality, extremely reliable and robust Weigher offered within our low-cost segment.


Yamato Scale | J-Series

Your benefits

  • outstanding price-performance ratio
  • easy operation: automatic program system setting
  • easy to clean: tool-free mounting and dismounting of conveyor belt
  • easy maintenance: self diagnostics, problem solving guidance,
  • food safety: IP30
  • accurate check of package content by number of products and/or weight
  • user-friendly control: USB memory port & analysis of production data
  • network and remote control capability
  • HD color touch display