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Latest technological development

The OMEGA series multihead weighers represent state-of-the-art weighing technology and combine all the functions currently available in the field of weighing and packaging. The technological advantage of the OMEGA multihead weighers gets right to the heart of your application and meets all customer requirements.

Premium price segment multihead weighers

The multihead weighers of this series belong to the high-end machines for the weighing and dosing of bulk materials. With their diversified equipment, OMEGA multihead weighers can be used in a wide range of industries.

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Improved productivity

  • Technological innovation for higher speed and precision
  • New high frequence technology minimizes load cell vibrations
  • New digital filter for maximum speed
  • New toggle-less gating mechanism reduces the mechanical impact on the load cell and suppresses the bucket gating noise
  • New individually adjustable collating chutes for high speed discharge, utmost flexibility and enhanced product diversity
  • High accuracy reduces product waste, thereby improving the yield rate and reducing the power consumption
  • Yamato Auto | Tuning and Yamato’s Automatic Feeding Control (AFC) ensure a continuous and optimal product flow

Easy maintenance

Yamato Omega Multihead Weighers Maintenance
  • Innovative maintenance concept to reduce the time and costs required for maintenance, thereby minimizing downtime
  • All parts are easy to remove
  • Extensive warning systems in case of error
  • Monitoring of the wear of consumable parts indicating point at which they need to be replaced

Enhanced hygienic features

Multihead weighers, multihead scales, automatic multihead equipment,
  • Polygon bucket shape facilitates cleaning
  • Complete stainless steel design (IP67) allows for the highest hygiene standards to be met
  • Special bonding techniques specific to space and aviation technology provide state-of-the-art materials for the buckets

Environmental responsibility

  • Yamato Feedback | Control for high speed weighing with 60% less power consumption compared to previous model
  • Large product window for perfect sealing contributes to the reduction of packaging waste during production

OMEGA Models | Example applications*

The following chart depicts the best-selling models of the OMEGA Series including example applications.

        Model         Applications
(Mix, Pre-Mix, Mono)
Weighing headsTarget weight (g)
(Single dump)
Volume up to (ml)
(Single dump)
Up to weighings per min.Example applicationSpecial features 
ADW-O-0114SMono / Pre-Mix144 - 5001,000210standard
ADW-O-0114FMono / Pre-Mix144 - 5001,000210high speed configuration
ADW-O-0116M2 / 3 / 416 with Memory4 - 5001,0002 x 120(2-mix)memory buckets for additional combinations
ADW-O-0120S2 / 3 / 4204 - 5001,0002 x 105(2-mix)standard
ADW-O-0120FMono / Pre-Mix204 - 5001,0003 x 105high speed configuration
ADW-O-0124M2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 624 with Memory4 - 5001,0003 x 105(3-mix)memory buckets for additional combinations
ADW-O-0128S2 / 4 / 5284 - 5001,0002 x 210(2-mix)standard
ADW-O-0128FMono / Pre-Mix284 - 5001,0002 x 210high speed configuration
ADW-O-0132M2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7 / 832 with Memory4 - 5001,000105(4-mix)memory buckets for additional combinations
ADW-O-0132FMono / Pre-Mix324 - 5001,0006 x 105high speed configuration
ADW-O-0310SMono / Pre-Mix108 - 1,0003,000100standard
ADW-O-0312MMono / Pre-Mix12 with Memory8 - 1,0003,000140memory buckets for additional combinations
ADW-O-0314SMono / Pre-Mix148 - 1,0003,000200standard
ADW-O-0314FMono / Pre-Mix148 - 1,0003,000200high speed configuration
ADW-O-0316M2 / 3 / 416 with Memory8 - 1,0003,0002 x 110(2-mix)memory buckets for additional combinatons
ADW-O-0320S2 / 3 / 4208 - 1,0003,0002 x 100(2-mix)standard
ADW-O-0320M2 / 3 / 4 / 520 with Memory8 - 1,0003,00070(3-mix)memory buckets for additional combinatons
ADW-O-0320FMono / Pre-Mix208 - 1,0003,0003 x 100high speed configuration
ADW-O-0324M2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 624 with Memory8 - 1,0003,000100(3-mix)memory buckets for additional combinations
ADW-O-0328FMono / Pre-Mix288 - 1,0003,0002 x 200high speed configuration
ADW-O-0610SMono / Pre-Mix108 - 2,0006,00085standard
ADW-O-0614SMono / Pre-Mix148 - 2,0006,000170standard
ADW-O-0614FMono / Pre-Mix148 - 2,0006,000170high speed configuration
ADW-O-0616M2 / 3 / 416 with Memory8 - 2,0006,0002 x 110(2-mix)memory buckets for additional combinations
ADW-O-0620S2 / 3 / 4208 - 2,0006,0002 x (60 - 70)(2-mix)standard
ADW-O-0620M2 / 3 / 4 / 520 with Memory8 - 2,0006,00060(3-mix)memory buckets for additional combinations
ADW-O-0624M2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 624 with Memory8 - 2,0006,000110(3-mix)memory buckets for additional combinations
ADW-O-1214SMono / Pre-Mix1420 - 3,00012,000130standard
ADW-O-1220SMono / Pre-Mix2020 - 3,00012,000130standard
ADW-O-1814SMono / Pre-Mix1440 - 5,00018,000100standard
Product example
Plain plateDry & free-flowingSnacks, bakery, nuts, cereals, confectionery, pulses, hardware, chemical products, pet food, etc.
Dimple plateStickyFrench fries, frozen and fresh fruits/vegetables, dry fruits, jellies, frozen meat products, etc.
Yamato DimpleVery stickyFrench fries, frozen and fresh fruits/vegetables, dry fruits, jellies, frozen meat products, etc.
Wire meshVery stickyJellies (without sugar coating)
Teflon coatingVery stickyCheese, dried fruits, etc.
Silicon, PIMFragileSnacks, bakery, etc.

* The above mentioned parameters are based on our applications experiences and have to be tested in advance by using the original product.

Dirk Wißdorf

Senior Service technician

“The OMEGA multihead weighers are rightly our premium machines. They contain everything that is technologically feasible. These scales can do simply everything! A few functions become standard over time and are used in the other multihead weigher series. However, the decisive technological developments are reserved for the Yamato OMEGA, making it our flagship machine.”


These recommendations are based on a quarter of a century of valuable experience at Yamato Scale.

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