The good news for you is that our spare parts prices remain stable.

We are very proud that despite massive market changes due to past and ongoing crises, we have managed not to increase prices. With a lot of time and patience, our procurement department has managed to establish supply chains that enable us to protect the economic interests of our customers.

The trust of our customers is our highest priority. Especially in times of crisis, we want to support the industry in Europe and promote the economic stability of our customers.

As in all other areas of life, our suppliers have raised their prices. This requires all of us to rethink and act flexibly. Our management has decided NOT to pass on the increased prices in procurement to our customers.

We have clearly decided to honour the loyalty of our customers and NOT to increase the prices for spare parts despite the inflation.

The reasons for this are obvious: we want you to continue to maintain your multihead weighers and checkweighers regularly and thus ensure a trouble-free production process.

It should be emphasised that the quality of our spare parts meets the highest manufacturer standards. Furthermore, our customers can be supplied with the wide variety of mechanical and electronic components as usual. Delivery times and availability are assured.

As always, should you require advice on exactly which parts you need for your scales, we will be happy to take the time and clarify all the technical requirements together with you.

UK Rahmen

Uwe Kähler

Spare parts manager

“We are making a conscious effort to protect our customers from the shocks in the market and are taking the burden on our shoulders. Keeping prices low for our customers was a decision that was met with consensus by all involved.”

These recommendations are based on more than 17 years of experience at Yamato Scale.

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