In terms of the reliability of your installation’s performance, it all comes down to this: Quality

Genuine Spare Parts fulfill the highest quality standards and ensure the longevity and maintaining of the value of your installation.

Yamato Genuine Spare Parts are subject to the same high demands on quality as the machines themselves. Each part is specifically developed, produced according to the most modern standards and subjected to rigorous quality controls.

Not only does the use of Yamato Genuine Spare Parts allow you to maintain the value of your installation, it also enhances the reliability of the installation’s performance, as Yamato guarantees the high quality of its original spare parts.

The use of Yamato Genuine Spare Parts ensures the high quality of the products and of the production in the long term.

To top off its professional service, Yamato offers customized spare parts packages combined with various maintenance contracts.

With about 3,000 readily available units, Yamato guarantees a prompt and reliable replenishment in spare parts.

IO-Board, Mehrkopfwaagen, Dosierwaagen, Timing Waagen, Kontrollwaagen

Your benefits of Yamato Genuine Spare Parts

  • Highest quality of original Spare Parts
  • Guarantees the longevity of your machines
  • High availability
  • 24H Service
  • Shipping within 6 hours
  • Professional and competent consultation
  • Support Hotline

The advantages of the Yamato Genuine Spare Parts

  • High availability of the spare parts
  • Daily dispatch by courier
  • Highest demands on quality
  • Controlled quality
  • Spare parts lists specific to each machine
  • Yamato Genuine Spare Parts Guarantee
  • Support Hotline
Uwer Kähler 3

Uwe Kähler

Spare Parts Manager

“We do everything possible to extend the life expectancy of your machines. Spare parts in highest manufacturer quality are exactly what you need for your multihead weigher to ensure a reliable production process.”


These recommendations are based on more than 10 years of experience at Yamato Scale.

Certificate of Authenticity_Yamato Scale Original Spare Parts

All Yamato Scale spare parts receive a certificate of authenticity.

Contact us for further information.

Hotline: +49 (0)2154 9159-0

These and many other spare parts are immediately available from our central warehouse in Willich, Germany.

Spare Parts

Spare part numberSpare part name
CB03407A0052Weigh belt W160XL703
CB03407A0062Infeed belt NS41UFL 0/1, 245WX703L
CB03407A0063Conveyor belt NS41UFL 0/1(W), 245x904L
CB03407A0261CSG Motor FH6S40-304
CB03407A0266Servo Motor FH6PF40G-305
CB03407A0337Conveyor belt W350 X L1280 (L621Weigh)-Coated
GB01607A0043Bellows for central vibrator
GB01607A0103Magnet coil 2 L
GB01607A0104Magnet coil
GB01607A0106Magnet coil C-6N
GB01607A0121Leaf spring
GB01607A0124Leaf spring for center vibrator YP-4N
GB01607A0126Ring for bellows, down - center vibrator
GB01607A0158Screw rod
GB01607A0160Coil spring
GB01607A0167Leaf spring for center vibrator
GB01702A0128Pan"S clamp part A
GB01707A0002Screw rod M6x58
GB01707A0022Screw rod M6x70
GB01802G0139Magnet coil H=53
GB01807A0009Coil spring
GB01807A0012Leaf spring
GB01807A0015Leaf spring (rear)
GB01807A0019Bellows for linear feeder
GB01807A0021Ring for bellows, on top - linear feeder and center vibrator
GB01807A0028Square washer
GB01807A0030Leaf spring
GB01807A0032Magnet coil C-1
GB01807A0033Magnet coil C-2
GB01807A0052Ring for bellows, down - linear feeder
GB02302A0093Connecting arm 50 mm
GB02302A0166Connecting arm 30 mm
GB02302A0496Connecting arm 90 mm
GB02307A0048Rulon bearing
GB02307A0049Rulon bearing
GB02307A0103Eccentric bolt
GB02307A0129Busch / Collar / Rulon bearing
GB02307A0250Eccentric pin
GB02307A0945Collar for feed, weigh and memory buckets
GB02307A0950Bearing cover
GB02307A0951Bearing cover
GB02502A0144Connecting arm 38 mm+MBT4
GB02502A0146Connecting arm 54 mm for 5 L buckets
GB02502A0147Link 63 mm
GB02502A0230Rod end
GB02702A0213Toggle arm
GB03302A0075Shipping frame for 10/16L actuator
GB03302A0108Actuator Unit 3L-S (4KG) for ALPHA
GB03302A0227Shipping frame for 2/5L actuator
GB03302A0236Actuator Unit 3L-S (8KG) for ALPHA
GB03302A0277Actuator Unit 2L-S FR9
GB03302A0278Actuator Unit 2L-M FR9
GB03302A0279Actuator Unit 5L-S FR9
GB03302A0280Actuator Unit 5L-M
GB03302G0150Actuator Unit 0,5L-M
GB03302G0151Actuator Unit 0,5L-S
GB03302G0176Actuator unit for SIGMA 10/16L-S FR9
GB03302G0178Actuator unit for SIGMA 10/16L-M FR9
GB03506A0006Lever motor shaft for memory bucket (actuator)
GB03506A0007Lever drive for memory buckets (actuator)
GB03507A0053Memory Bucket Hanger
GB04502G0062Check weight with case 300 g
GB04502G0063Check weight with case 500 g
GB04502G0064Check weight with case 1000 g
GB04502G0065Check weight with case 1500 g
GB04502G0066Check weight with case 2500 g
GB04502G0070Check weight with case 150 g
GB50502A0033Transformer TR1
GB51007A0082LAN Harness TBA1-TBA1
GB51007A1011Power cable for RCU-810, 8 m
GB51007A1012Optical fibre for RCU-810 and RCU-810-A, 1 set, 8 m
GB59002G0170Power source DC1, 24VDC (fully compatible with SA52817A0002)
P5985S4004Printing paper for RCU-600
PA10420070046Power Supply DC1 (DC5 V)
PA10420070048Power Supply DC2 (DC24 V)
PA10820050236Magnet coil
PA13002000016Transformer TR2 (1000 VA)
PE10440060034EVA-0019-FR4-S CPU Board
PE10830060033EV-466-R1 Sensor board (Slot sensor )
PE10830060035EVA-0020-F-S Motor drive board
PE10830060036EVA-0022-S Sensor connect board
PE10830060037EVA-0021-S Feeder connect board
PG10820050189Bellows for linear feeder
PG10820050226Harness HCB1
PG10820050318Collar for feed and weigh buckets
PG10820050319Eccentric bolt for feed and weigh buckets
PG10820050807Ring for bellows, down - center vibrator
PG10820055033Sleeve bearing for feed and weigh buckets
PG10820055036Sleeve bearing
PG10820880051Ring for bellows, down - linear feeder
PG10820900002Bellows for central vibrator
PG10820900009Coil spring
PG10830026006Coil spring
PL56111050018Actuator unit for ALPHA with 8 kg load cell
PL56111050020Actuator unit for ALPHA with 4 kg load cell
PL56111050040Remote Control Unit RCU-901C
PL56112050004Leaf spring set YP-3A/50 Hz
PL56112050006Leaf spring set 514A/50 HZ
SA41117A0029Bolt with washer
SA42347A0001Spring pin 4x20 L
SA4410BG0005Miniature ball bearing
SA44117A0003Ball bearing for memory actuator
SA44117A0004Bearing for memory actuator
SA44117A0013Ball bearing
SA44117A0049Miniature ball bearing
SA44117A0050Miniature ball bearing
SA44117A0051Ball bearing
SA44117A0057Ball bearing
SA44737A0015Rod end
SA44737A0052Ball & Socket
SA45617A0002Oil Seal
SA45617A0011Oil Seal
SA45617A0020Oil seal
SA49907A0109Orange sheet 1 mm, Bancollan / Orange colour
SA49907A0110Orange sheet 2 mm, Bancollan / Orange colour
SA4990BG0099Urethane sheet 1Tx450x1000 / Blue
SA4990BG0100Urethane sheet 2Tx450x1000 / Blue
SA52817A0002Power source DC1, 24VDC (replaced by GB59002G0170)
SA52817A5008Power source DC1
SA5300BG0072FAN 2
SA5300BG0157Underside cover assembly (UL)
SA53547A0001Printing paper for RCU-810 and RCU-810-A
SA53557A0001Printing paper for RCU-600
SA53557A5002Printing paper for RCU-800 and ALPHA
SA53567A0036Paper shaft
SA5410BG0114Compact Flash 512MB for RCU-810-A (w/o software)
SA56727A0067Terminal Relay
SA57847A0005Fuse 218005, 5 A
SA57847A0006Fuse 2183.15, 3.15 A
SA5820BG0002Control Board with battery RCU-810-A
SA58217A0003EV070 Board for RCU-800
SA58217A0006EVA0029F Board for RCU-810
SA59647A0009FAN 1
SD00402A0131Remote Control Unit RCU-900
SD00402G0067Remote Control Unit RCU-810-A
SD00402G0068Remote Control Unit RCU-810-A (UL3) incl. TNA software
SE00102A0046EV-206-FR9 (CPU board)
SE00102A0047EV-211-FR9 I/O Board (replaced by EV211FR10)
SE00102G0006EV-203-FR8 Board for RCU-600
SE00102G0011EV-211-FR10 I/O Board (fully compatible with EV-211-FR9)
SE00202A0002EV-210-R1 PS Board
SE00202A0004EV-207 PS Board / Feeder power board
SE00602A0003EV-205 Sensor board (Slot Sensor)
SE00702A0043EVA-0038-FR1 Motor drive card for memory actuator
SE00702G0001EV-208-FR4 Feeder drive board (replaced by EV-208-FR5)
SE00702G0003EV-208-FR5 Feeder drive board (fully compatible with EV-208-FR4)
SG43117A0825Hexagon head bolt
SG43317A0006Spring washer M6
SG43317A0008Spring washer M8
SG43327A0006Plain washer M6
SG43327A0008Plain washer
62150182Conveyor guide
62150199Conveyor belt, Weighing conveyor
62150352Conveyor belt, Collecting belt
62152002Bearing for Driving pulley
62152011Dry bush
62152012Oil seal