Weighing technology that optimally arranges the weighing and packaging process for the food industry

  • The packaging process of all products is optimised for maximum efficiency and increased productivity.
  • Product loss is reduced thanks to the excellent precision of the Yamato multihead weigher/weight feeder.
  • Dispensing, mixing and packaging of foods of all kinds: With a Yamato multihead weigher, you can fill packaging with weights from 1 g to 20 kg.

We offer the right weighing technology and packaging solution for weighing almost any product.

With a Yamato multihead weigher, you can quickly and efficiently weigh and package a variety of products to specification. Whether bulky, solid, long, or short, frozen or sticky, dusty or dry, there is no product that Yamato cannot weigh.

Yamato also offers customised weighing solutions for special products such as delicacies, gourmet food, convenience food, spices and dried herbs.

Many of these products are subject to special provisions in their weighing and packaging.

A customised design for your particular product will be developed using the process of engineering planning in consultation with you. You have a choice between weight feeders, filling scales, computer combination scales, counting machines or checking weighers to optimally arrange your packaging line.

Optimum cleaning properties for weighing and packaging various products

  • The fully sealed multihead weighers and check weighers, both made of stainless steel, meet the highest hygiene standards IP65 and IP67 and are therefore ideally suited to weigh and pack different products of the food industry.
  • The seamless container design (YDB, Yamato Diffusion Bonding) has no adhesive surface for dust and bacteria deposits. After a quick clean, the multihead weigher can be used without worries for weighing and packaging of other products.

Minimising maintenance time of weights and packaging lines

  • The robust weighing cells can withstand up to 150 kg, so that the scales, which are aligned for weighing and packaging larger weights, require minimal maintenance.
  • A detailed display system, such as the alarm function or the indication of replacement dates for worn parts, reduces downtime. Thus, the multihead weigher or filling scale is always operable.

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