TSD-N314WS and TSD-N314WL

The high demand for semi-automatic multihead weighers has inspired our R&D specialists to develop the latest models of the TSD-N3 series. The technological progress is based on the experience of the automatic multihead weigher segment and has been implemented here in a meaningful way. The new series of TSD-N3 semi-automatic multihead weighers combine the manual loading of the scale with the advanced software for controlling and monitoring the weighing process.

The secret of the weigher’s outstanding performance is hidden in its control unit. The RCU-920 thus brings the weigher up to the technological level of our fully automatic multihead weigher bestseller, ALPHA Advance.

TSD-N314WS is a semi-automatic multihead weigher for weighing and packaging “difficult” products. This generation of machines is equipped with an RCU-920 control unit and offers many features that were heretofore only reserved for fully automatic multihead weighers.

The TSD-N314WL represents the larger machine from the series of semi-automatic multihead weighers. It is suitable for larger volumes and packages, as well as for large or longer products.

Semi-Automatic Weighers

The flexible weighing solution

These combination scales are successfully used for weighing and packing meat in the form of cutlets, goulash or sausages, but also all kinds of fruit and vegetables. The conventional portioning methods lead to a significant deviation from the target weight. By legal requirement, the minimal volume contained in a package is not allowed to fall below the amount indicated on the label. As the products can mostly not be divided up, this often leads to a surplus of product in the package.

Function and application of semi-automatic multihead weighers

The semi-automatic multihead weighers are equipped with individual actuator units which are connected to a control computer. The principle of operation resembles that of an automatic multihead weigher. The difference here is that the product to be weighed is placed on the weighing surface by hand. The processor instantly calculates the desired combination and activates the conveyor belts of the relevant actuator units. These discharge the product to the central conveyor belt, thereby enabling a quick transport. Simultaneously, the main computer is already calculating the next possible combination. Using the latest technology, Yamato’s semi-automatic multihead weighers are able to work out up to 30 combinations per minute, depending on the model of the machine.

Excellent hygienic properties
With a protection class of IP67, the scale sets standards for packaging machines in the food industry.

The modular design of the scales allows easy and flexible use and maintenance.

See for yourself!

Here is an excerpt of the extensive functions of the TSD-N314WS and TSD-N314WL semi-automatic multihead weighers:

ModelTSD-N314WS and TSD-N314WL
Discharge of the weighed product automatic
Protection classIP67 (RCU IP65)
Number of weighing heads14
Combination range8 g – 6,000 g
8 g - 18 kg with an external scale
Combination speed (packages per minute) 35 wpm
Weighing capacity per weighing head1,500 g
Ambient temperature0°C to 40°C
Control unit modelRCU-920
Display typeLCD (65,536 colors)
Language setting / language selectionOperating menu in 22 languages
Access level selectionTo protect the work process, access to the operator levels can be determined individually.
Automatic modeAutomatic discharge, production monitoring via display
Power saving modeSetting for reduced energy consumption
Conveyor belt speed settingTo set the operating speed
Program storage capacityUp to 100 production programs can be archived for flexible changes in the production.
Program selectionFor a quick change of the production program
Priority combination functionUp to three weighing heads can be loaded with a separate product which must always be added (e.g. additions or mixtures).
Quantity combination functionDetermination of the weight for a specified number of products (e.g. three bell peppers with a total weight of 500 g)
Upper/lower limit for unit weightIf a package should not contain too large or too small product pieces, the limits for minimum or maximum product weight can be defined. If such a piece is placed on the scale, the scale will react and request its removal.
High upper limit functionTo achieve the desired performance, in exceptional cases the weigher will allow an overweight that has been defined in advance.
Proximity functionTo achieve the desired performance, in exceptional cases the weigher will allow the next overweight or underweight that has been defined in advance.
"Exchange command“ functionIf no combination can be found, the weigher recommends replacing the product on certain specific weighing heads that are indicated visually.
Multidump functionMultiple dumps for a product combination, e.g. for products with a large volume or higher weights. The weigher discharges several times to achieve the desired weight of a package
Mixing combination functionProduct mixes
Dump mode selectionIndividually controlled discharge of the individual weighing heads on the central conveyor belt. For better transfer to the packaging, the product can form a group (pile) or, conversely, be intentionally scattered across the convey.or belt
Reject functionIf a combination cannot be found, the weigher automatically rejects an overweight combination. The freed weighing heads can then be reloaded. This process avoids interruptions and speeds up the work process.
MODBUS/TCP communicationFor exporting and analyzing production data (e.g. details of individual weighments). Allows for streamlining of the production process. Can be selected as an option.
Signal exchange with packaging machineAutomatic communication between the weigher and the packaging machine
Manual operation (Test)Manual operation for test purposes. Includes checking the function of all scale components.
Weigher control function To improve the production process, the status of the weighing belts is displayed graphically.
"Block individual heads“ functionIf a weighing head is defective, the weigher can continue to be used by blocking the affected component.
Operation time recording functionTo monitor the use of the weigher
CalibrationThe weigher can be calibrated as required to ensure weighing accuracy.
Display brightness settingTo adapt to the operating environment. Saves energy and is easy to use.
Ethernet interfaceFor exporting and analyzing production data (e.g. details of individual weighments). Can be selected as an option.
USB interfaceFor exporting and analyzing production data (e.g. details of individual weighments), for saving/loading PLU setting data and for updating software
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Walter ten Bruggencate

Sales Manager Europe

“With the innovative TSD-N3 series, we have successfully launched a new generation of semi-automatic multihead weighers. We offer a reliable, modern and very hygienic scale that finds its application mainly in the meat, sea food, fruits and vegetables business. Our customers are most impressed with the return on investment – in most cases the scale pays for itself within 6 months or less through labor cost savings and a significant give-away reduction.”


These recommendations are based on 20 years of experience at Yamato Scale.

The multihead weigher for „challenging” and fragile products

  • saves time
  • reduces workload
  • minimizes overweights

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