Advanced technologies used in the packaging of bags containing an exact number of product pieces

  • All Yamato weighers offer the function of counting pieces, which enables you to create packages sold by a determined number.
  • Sophisticated software selects the combination and delivers both the correct count and, at the same time, the required weight.
  • Specific products of little weight can be a challenge to package efficiently on combination weighers.
  • Our multihead weighers offer a long-term proven solution, belonging to the most reliable in the world.

Packaging of homogeneous product

Packages containing a certain number of only one kind of product require the so called Simple Counting Solution. There, the Software tracks the average piece weight, makes internal calculations and determines the required package amount. Depending on the number of pieces, the product features, and the required performance, Yamato offers different weighing solutions.

Possible applications are three pieces of candy, four pieces of jelly, five salted nuts, four screws, etc.

Yamato on the field of Counting Applications


Packaging of different kinds of products

Packages containing a specific combination of different products require the so called Mixed Counting Solution. Sophisticated Software enables you to establish your own product compositions. The weigher tracks the average weight of every kind of product included in the composition and makes the correct calculation. The powerful and reliable Yamato Weighers deliver, as a result, the required recipe.

The key difference here is that the application needs to be served by two software functions, namely Counting and Mixing – a remarkable engineering achievement!

The Multihead Weighers range offering counting function extends from a low-cost ALPHA Advance, to the proven SIGMA, up to the innovative OMEGA. For fragile or large-sized products, we recommend weighers of the Semi-Automatic Series.

The Yamato weighers ensure the achieving of the exact composition by performing at remarkable speed and accuracy. If unsolicited divergences in the combinations occur, they are discharged through a special Reject System. The eliminated pieces can be deposited on a recirculating conveyor belt, where they are placed back into the original product flow.

Furthermore, special requirements need to be considered regarding the supporting components surrounding the weigher. The quality of the feeding systems, weigher´s platforms and frames have a crucial impact on accuracy and efficiency.

For further consultation, the Yamato Team is always at your disposal!

Yamato Scale Reject System

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