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Excellent price/performance ratio

Ever since their market launch, the Yamato multihead weighers of the EPSILON Series have been extremely popular. Both long-time Yamato customers as well as many companies who have made the leap from other suppliers to Yamato with an EPSILON multihead weigher are convinced by the good price/performance ratio.

Sophisticated technology

The multihead weighers of the EPSILON Series belong to Yamato’s mid-range solutions and continue in the legendary Yamato SIGMA machines’ line of success. The multihead weighers of the EPSILON Series combine Yamato’s enormous engineering experience with the latest technological developments. You can rely on their outstanding performance in terms of precision and speed.

Expert advice

A carefully defined EPSILON multihead weigher, individually designed to fit your specific product and line, will become the most important component of your packaging line. To ensure this, our consultants work closely with you to analyze the required specification. The multihead weighers of the EPSILON Series are suited for just about all types of bulk goods, whether these are dry or wet, adhesive or fragile, or small or large volume products. These multihead weighers can therefore cover virtually any packaging application.

Product video

The multihead weighers of the EPSILON Series combine our enormous engineering experience with the latest technological developments.

Check out the video to see the weighers in action and decide for yourself how the EPSILON Series can improve the efficiency of your production line.

Advanced Features

  • Adjustable open/close door profiles
  • Linear feeder control
  • Central load cell for ancillary feed system
  • Unique Drive System

Reliable Design

  • Load Cells can withstand up to 150 kg load
  • High-performance Yamato Strain Gauge Load Cells
  • Actuator unit driven by a stepper motor system
  • Robust bucket and linkage design
  • Spring-free buckets

Network Remote Control

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  • Network capable
  • PC remote control by WEB browser and OS (Wi-Fi available)
  • Real time Data Acquisition via Ethernet

Advanced Control Unit

  • Advanced Interactive Command Console
  • 10.4 inch Color Touch Screen
  • Smart phone and tablet operation
  • Access port for Ethernet
  • Access port for USB

Easy Maintenance

  • Modular plug-in actuator
  • Buckets and actuators fully interchangeable
  • Tool-free removable top cone, linear feeder pans, buckets and chutes
  • Auto-inhibit function allows the buckets to be removed without stopping the weigher
  • Auto tare

Tool-free Strip Down

  • Quick release linear feeder pans
  • Latch on top cone
  • Lift-off buckets and chutes


  • Self check/monitoring of the
    • RAM/ROM
    • communications
    • voltage to the actuator units
    • zero point and the load cell
  • Event logs

Hygienic Design

  • Full stainless steel construction
  • Compliant with IP66 standard
  • Large radius corner bucket design

Advanced Software

  • Data acquisition via USB
  • HACCP compliant
  • Operation in 22 languages
  • 100 pre-set programs
  • Program update
  • Auto program tool
  • Programmable operational parameters
  • Individual, Step Radial control (both amplitude and time)
  • Multi Dump
  • Production diagnostics (histogram, production parameters, scale operation parameters)

Additional Options

  • Mixing software
  • Counting software
  • Priority head
  • Feedback control
  • Multi-Point Discharge
  • Web camera

EPSILON Models | Example applications*

The following chart depicts the best-selling models of the EPSILON Series including example applications.

ModelWeighing headsTarget weight (g)
Single dump
Volume up to (ml)
Single dump
Up to weighings per min.
Up to weighings per min.
Multipoint discharge
Application &
Special features
2 - 250500140standard
ADW-E-0114S144 - 5001,000140standard
ADW-E-0116S164 - 5001,0001402 x 70standard, twin, mixing
ADW-E-0116M16 with Memory4 - 5001,0002402 x 120standard, twin, mixing
ADW-E-0124S244 - 5001,0002402 x 120standard, twin, mixing
ADW-E-0124M24 with Memory4 - 5001,0003202 x 160 | 3 x 100 | 4 x 80standard, twin, mixing,
multipoint discharge
ADW-E-0210S108 - 1,0002,00070standard
ADW-E-0210M10 with Memory8 - 1,0002,0001302 x 65standard, mixing
ADW-E-0214S148 - 1,0002,000130standard
ADW-E-0216M16 with Memory8 - 1,0002,0002002 x 100single, twin, mixing
ADW-E-0224M24 with Memory8 - 1,0002,0003002 x 150 | 3 x 100 | 4 x 75standard, twin, mixing,
multipoint discharge
ADW-E-0508M8 with Memory20 - 2,0005,000100standard
ADW-E-0510S1020 - 2,0005,00065standard
ADW-E-0514S1420 - 2,0005,000120standard
ADW-E-0516M16 with Memory20 - 2,0005,0001802 x 90standard, twin, mixing, more combinations
ADW-E-0618F1820 - 2,0006,0001802 x 60high-speed
ADW-E-1010S1020 - 3,00010,00050large volume
ADW-E-1014S1420 - 3,00010,00090large volume
ADW-E-1016S1620 - 3,00010,000100extra large volume
ADW-E-1016M16 with Memory20 - 3,00010,0001502 x 75single, twin, mixing,
more combinations
ADW-E-1614S1440 - 5,00016,00080standard
ADW-E-1614M14 with Memory40 - 5,00016,0001202 x 60extra large volume,
more combinations
ADW-E-0520S2020 - 2,000
5,0001202 x 60single, twin, mixing
ADW-E-0520M20 with Memory20 - 2,0005,0002202 x 110standard, twin, mixing
ADW-E-0524S2420 - 2,0005,0001602 x 80single, twin, mixing
ADW-E-0524M24 with Memory20 - 2,0005,0002602 x 130 | 3 x 90 | 4 x 65standard, twin, mixing,
multipoint discharge
Product example
Plain plateDry & free-flowingSnacks, bakery, nuts, cereals, confectionery, pulses, hardware, chemical products, pet food, etc.
Dimple plateStickyFrench fries, frozen and fresh fruits/vegetables, dry fruits, jellies, frozen meat products, etc.
Yamato DimpleVery stickyFrench fries, frozen and fresh fruits/vegetables, dry fruits, jellies, frozen meat products, etc.
Wire meshVery stickyJellies (without sugar coating)
Teflon coatingVery stickyCheese, dried fruits, etc.
Silicon, PIMFragileSnacks, bakery, etc.

* The above mentioned parameters are based on our applications experiences and have to be tested in advance by using the original product.

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Walter ten Bruggencate

Sales Manager Europe

“Our multihead weighers of the EPSILON series are our answer to the current technological and social development. With this machine series, Yamato offers a highly developed and reliable machine at very attractive conditions. The enormous experience that we have gained with the legendary Yamato SIGMA multihead weighers is now incorporated in the new EPSILON machines.”


These recommendations are based on 20 years of experience at Yamato Scale.

Contact us for further information.

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