Most copied multihead weighers in the world

The ALPHA Advance Series machines are the most copied multihead weighers in the world. Their outstanding performance has convinced even our competitors! These weighers are the next step in the evolution of the legendary ALPHA Series. Being very low maintenance, these multihead weighers can run for almost an eternity. The design is suitable for both dry and wet areas.

Our bestseller is available in different configurations

Providing reliable standard weighing solutions, the brilliant design of the ALPHA Advance Series scales manages to cover all basic applications. To meet the different requirements of our customers, Yamato Scale offers five machine lines within the ALPHA Advance series: Standard, Compact, Waterproof, Twin (with 2-way discharge) and Snack version.

Determine the best design for your scale

The five multihead weigher lines can be designed with three different surface finishes. The resulting variety enables the processing of a wide range of products to be packaged.

Choose the right model from our ALPHA Advance Series for your production application

Despite their standardized design, the multihead weighers of this series can be flexibly configured. This makes the machine suitable for a wide range of basic applications. The following machine lines of the ALPHA Advance series are available:

Standard multihead weigher model

ALPHA Advance ADW-A-310S, Standard multihead weigher, plain plate

  • Ideally suited for the weighing of dry and non-sticky products
  • Easy and reliable operation
  • Excellent price-performance ratio
  • Available with 10 and 14 weighing heads

Compact multihead weigher model

ALPHA Advance ADW-A-114S, Compact multihead weigher

  • Best solution for small products and small target weighs
  • Each part is compact and therefore easy to clean
  • Low profile design, suitable for fragile products

Waterproof multihead weigher model

ALPHA Advance ADW-A-314SW, Waterproof (extra dense), stainless steel, dimple plate

  • Ideally suited to operate in wet and dusty environments
  • IP65 compliant
  • Hygienic construction for superior food safety, suitable for wet cleaning
  • Embossed stainless steel surface in SUS 304
  • Optimized product feeding for sticky products
  • Large volume products can be handled by large bucket models ADW-A-0310SWL and ADW-A-0314SWL

Twin multihead weigher model

ALPHA Advance ADW-A-320S, 2-fold outlet for higher performance

  • Innovative multihead weigher with 20 heads
  • Simultaneous weighing of two separate products possible
  • High-performance multihead weigher
  • Capable of serving two separate bagmakers
  • Can be used with all horizontal and vertical packaging machines

Snack version multihead weigher model

ALPHA Advance ADW-A-0316MN for high speed

Features of the Snack version weigher

  • Innovative multihead weigher for the weighing and packaging of snacks
  • Optimal transfer to VFFS machines
  • High speed and precision
  • Enhances productivity with two high-speed single tubes
  • Suitable for twin packaging machines
  • Can be used with all horizontal and vertical packaging machines
  • We recommend the models ADW-A-0316MN and ADW-A-0328SN for your snack products

ALPHA Advance Models | Example applications*

The following chart depicts the best-selling models of the ALPHA Advance Series including example applications.

ModelWeighing heads Target weight (g) Single dischargeVolume up to (ml) Single dischargeUp to weighments per min.Up to weighments per min. Multipoint dischargeProtection class Application
ADW-A-0110S104 - 500170IP54standard, compact
ADW-A-0114S144 - 5001110IP54standard, sompact
ADW-A-0114F144 - 50011402 x 70IP54high-speed, compact
ADW-A-0120S204 - 50011502 x 75IP54single, twin, mixing, compact
ADW-A-0124S244 - 50012002 x 100IP54single, twin, mixing, compact
ADW-A-0124M24 with memory4 - 50013202 x 160 | 3 x 100 | 4 x 80IP54single, twin, mixing, multipoint discharge, more combinations, compact
ADW-A-0310S108 – 1,000375IP54standard
ADW-A-0310SL108 – 1,0004.560IP54large volume
ADW-A-0310SW108 – 1,000365IP65waterproof (extra tight)
ADW-A-0310SWL108 – 1,0004.555IP65large volume, waterproof (extra tight)
ADW-A-0314S148 – 1,0003120IP54standard
ADW-A-0314SL148 – 1,0004.5100IP54large volume
ADW-A-0314F148 – 1,00031202 x 60IP54high-speed
ADW-A-0314SW148 – 1,0003120IP65waterproof (extra tight)
ADW-A-0314SWL148 – 1,0004.5100IP65large volume, waterproof (extra tight)
ADW-A-0316MN16 with memory 8 – 1,00032002 x 100IP54single, twin, mixing, multipoint discharge, snack version, more combinations
ADW-A-0320S208 – 1,00031502 x 75IP54standard
ADW-A-0328SN284 - 50032402 x 140IP55snack version, high-speed

* The above mentioned parameters are based on our applications experiences and have to be tested in advance by using the original product.

Surface finishes for the multihead weighers

All multihead weigher models of the ALPHA Advance series are available with different surfaces. Here you will find the most common designs and the corresponding product examples.

Surface finishApplication (Product) Product example
Plain plateDry & free-flowingSnacks, bakery, nuts, cereals, confectionery, hardware, bakery, pulses, chemical products, pet food, etc.
Dimple plateStickyFrozen and fresh fruit/vegetables, salad, dried fruit, jellies, etc.
Silicon, BancolanFragile Snacks, bakery, etc.
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Walter ten Bruggencate

Sales Manager Europe

“The ALPHA Advance Series is an excellent choice for a wide range of basic applications. The concept allows a standard machine to be customized in a number of ways to fully meet the customer’s requirements within a limited budget.”


These recommendations are based on more than 20 years of experience at Yamato Scale.

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