The diversity of products and their differing characteristics represent a major challenge, both for our customers and for us. A standard multihead weigher is rarely the optimal solution. Therefore, the majority of multihead weighers are individually customized and tailored to the needs of our customers.

In order to design your packaging process in an optimal way, our experienced specialists take the time in advance to advise you thoroughly. Here, the following aspects, among others, will be considered:

  • Quality of the product, for example, adherent, dusty, frozen, etc.
  • Sensitivity of the product, for example, brittle, melting, etc.
  • Packaging, for example, bag, box, cups, trays, etc.
  • Performance requirements for the weigher, for example, speed, size, volume, quantity, etc.
  • Production conditions, for example, temperature, humidity, room size, etc.
  • Packaging machine, for example, tubular bag, outlet quantity, etc.
  • Peripheral equipment, such as feeders, discharge mechanisms, elevators, gantries, etc.
  • Hygiene requirements, such as cleaning with running water, cleaning agents, etc.

Only if all these details are thoroughly investigated, can a meaningful weighing solution be offered.

To fulfil this promise, all customer products are examined closely in advance in our test lab under real conditions. The course of the original product is tested with different versions of dosing scales. If you wish, you may accompany these tests or receive a video recording of them.

The consulting and the related analyses are of course free of charge and without obligation.

Our goal is – as in competitive sports – to fine-tune all details so that in the end …

… You are the winner!

Your benefits of the Yamato Pre-Sales Consulting

  • Professional and experienced consultation
  • Secure planning of your packaging line
  • Optimization of your packaging process
  • Individually designed machines
  • Test run of your original product
  • Flexible and fast service