Yamato Scale was originally founded as the Kawanishi Machinery Co. Ltd. in Japan in 1920 and quickly became the leader for industrial weighing in the food, chemical and heavy industries.

The headquarters of Yamato Scale are located in Akashi, Japan.

Throughout its history, Yamato Scale has developed weighing solutions for various industrial domains, including the automotive and traffic sectors.

Yamato Scale was one of the first companies to realize the true potential that lay in the technology of multihead weighing. At the end of the 1970s, Yamato developed the first multihead weigher. In 1979, Yamato Scale introduced the first multihead weigher that was equipped with load cells.

In 1988, Yamato was the first company in the world to create a mixing-software for multihead weighers that would enable the precise weighing of mixed applications. The introduction of the Touch Screen Command Console in 1989 revolutionized the handling and controlling of the multihead weigher.

In order to accommodate the industry’s growing demand for high-speed weighing, Yamato Scale introduced the “Double Shift Operation” in 1981, thereby allowing speeds of 120 weighings per minute (wpm) to be obtained for the first time in history.

In 1984, Yamato was able to increase this speed to 160 wpm with a 16-head weigher containing newly developed memory buckets.

In the subsequent year, Yamato introduced a 10-head weigher with memory buckets and very compact dimensions that could reach a weighing speed of up to 130 wpm albeit its reduced dimensions.

New technologies and applications led Yamato to develop further technological innovations. The launch of the Sigma F1 Frontier Series in 2005 revolutionized the multihead weigher technology, enabling the quick, precise and safe weighing of new and previously unforeseen applications.

In 2008, Yamato uses the opportunity of the Interpack to once again prove its innovative ingenuity with the introduction of the ADW F528SVD, a completely new concept for a 28-head multihead weigher.

Since 1986, Yamato has been the leading force in the domain of multihead weighing technology in Germany. In 1992, Yamato acquired a modern office building in Willich, Germany which is now home to the departments sales, marketing, administration and service as well as to a test lab. This German subsidiary is responsible for the entire European, African, Near and Middle East markets as well as for the markets of the CIS countries.

Yamato Scale GmbH has subsidiaries in France, the UK, Russia and the Benelux. Furthermore Yamato has established an extensive worldwide network of local sales agents and agencies to service the remaining markets.