Weighing technologies used in the weighing and packaging process of snack products

  • The packaging process for snack products can be optimized through application of special Yamato equipment.
  • Yamato´s advanced multihead technologies reduce the loss of product and lead to excellent precision.
  • Yamato´s weighing technologies simplify your weighing and packaging process and enable you to fill up packaging sizes from 1 g up to 20 kg.
Yamato Scale Weighing solution for fragile products_Multighead weighers_Dravimetric Weigher_Associative accumulation weighers_ Computer combination weighers

At Yamato you will always find suitable weighing equipment and packaging solutions needed for the weighing of snacks.

Yamato provides special weighing solutions for products such as: potato chips, pretzels, cocktail biscuits, peanut flips, Rice-snacks, soy snacks, tortilla crisps, corn snacks, wheat snacks, salted snacks, crackers, etc.

Yamato on the field of Snacks

Special requirements have to be taken into consideration during the weighing and packaging of these goods.

These requirements play a key role during the planning of your individual packaging line. In order to optimize your packaging process, our engineering team is there to support you in choosing and integrating the most convenient weighing machine for your packaging line.

For the weighing and packaging of snack products, Yamato offers special industrial weighers, suitable for handling fragile snack products, snacks covered in spices, and oil snacks.

Best cleaning and hygiene standards required when weighing and packaging snackfood

  • Fully sealed stainless steel enclosure complies with the highest hygiene standards – IP 65 and IP67. Therefore, Yamato´s multihead weighers are the best weighing equipment for weighing snackfood.
  • YDB (Yamato Diffusion Bonding) buckets have no space for dust and bacteria propagation on the bonding plane. This enables you to use the same machine for weighing and packaging of different goods after short cleaning.

Minimal downtime for maintenance of the weighers and the packaging lines for snackfood

  • Various indications for quick recovery are available, such as Alarm display and Replacement time display for consumable parts.

Yamato Multihead Weighing Snacks

Multihead weigher for Snack

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