We balance sustainability and success

Environmental protection is not new territory for Yamato. Our machines have been developed and built with a conscious perspective for years. In doing so, we focus our activities …

Our spare parts prices remain unchanged

Why do we manage to keep the prices for our spare parts stable for you? There has been no price increase and there are no plans to do so…

High performance with OMEGA ADW-O-0132M

The OMEGA ADW-O-0132M is our multihead weigher for high-speed applications. The special feature of this weigher is the number of buckets…

Yamato EPSILON Series Multihead weighers

The EPSILON Series multihead weighers offer an excellent price/performance ratio and are suited for the dosing of all types of bulk goods. Their outstanding performance in terms of precision and speed makes them stand out from the rest.

Yamato OMEGA Series Multihead weighers

The OMEGA series multihead weighers represent state-of-the-art weighing technology and combine all the functions currently available in the field of weighing and packaging.

ALPHA Advance Series | Choose the right execution

Providing reliable standard weighing solutions, the brilliant design of the ALPHA Advance Series scales manages to cover all basic applications. To meet the different requirements of our customers…

Transfer & discharge modes

Increase the efficiency of your production line! The multiple outlet function of the Yamato multihead weighers offers you the right technology for this.

J-Series Checkweigher

The Checkweighers of the J-Series are an innovation of the already successful I-Series. These weighers are characterized by an equally high quality and reliability, but belong to our low-cost segment. Their key benefit is outstanding performance in extremely competitive conditions.

Yamato I-Series Checkweighers

The Checkweigher I-Series meets the highest quality and hygiene standards in the industry. With a protection class of IP67 and IP69, the I-Series checkweighers can be used for all kinds of wet applications. The machines can easily be integrated into any packaging process and fit your individual requirements.

Smart Factory

All Yamato Scale scales can be fully integrated into the OPC UA architecture and are able to communicate with the other machines involved in the production process…

Data Capture solutions for Multihead Weigher and Checkweigher Systems

The Yamato STATS line monitor is a powerful tool to record production information, reduce waste, improve efficiency, and ensure compliance.

Reliable Spare Parts supply for maximum operating efficiency

Make sure you have a minimum stock of spare parts in your warehouse. Although our parts inventories are still well stocked, even we cannot exclude supply shortages at some point.

Y-ViTeSe | Yamato Virtual Technical Service

Yamato’s virtual technical service concept is based on digital glasses that establish a real-time connection to the original manufacturer. With the “look over your shoulder”, you immediately receive the support you need in case of a disruption in the packaging process.

Frontier Application of a Multihead Weigher

The multihead weighers with a Frontier application achieve a significant increase in productivity. Depending on the model, these machines can reach a working speed of 600 weighments per minute.

Memory Application of a Multihead Weigher

A memory multihead weigher is equipped with an additional row of buckets. Here the product quantity is only “temporarily stored” and waits for a suitable combination to complete the optimal target weight.

Try us for size! Test your product on our machines to find the perfect fit

Right from the planning phase, test the performance of the machines you intend to purchase with test runs using your original product. You can then be 100% sure that you have purchased the right scale …

Our latest models of the semi-automatic multihead weigher series

The new series of TSD-N3 semi-automatic multihead weighers combines manual loading of the scale with the advanced software for control and monitoring of the weighing process. The semi-automatic multihead weighers are the perfect solution for “challenging” products packed in fixed weights for the supermarket shelves.

Stainless-steel complete housing component for the control unit of your multihead weigher

A stainless-steel complete housing component for the control unit of your multihead weighers. Upgrade the multihead weighers that are already in use in your production.

Technical training webinars

We offer virtual technical training for your operators. The many advantages include: safe handling of the machines, flexibility, low cost, reduction of contacts and no risk of contagion, no environmental impact.

Zoom Meetings

We are here for you via video conferencing!

Even in these challenging times, we are here for you! Individual and team consultations can be held quite comfortably via video conferencing.

Feedback control for an optimization of your packaging process

The feedback control of Yamato Scale enables communication between the checkweigher and the multihead weigher. Deviations from the target weight are quickly registered and the filling quantity of the packages is automatically regulated.

Data Acquisition

All Yamato multihead weighers and checkweighers are capable of using data acquisition software. This enables a fast data exchange between the scales and a PC.

Product contact parts

In case of a production change, you can continue to use your multihead weigher. All you need to do is replace the elements that come into contact with the product. Turning a scale initially used for dry applications into one for sticky products or mixtures is quick and easy.

A webcam for more effective process monitoring

Effective process monitoring has never been easier. A webcam, integrated at the crucial points of your packaging line, provides you with a complete overview and allows you to react quickly and efficiently in the case of a disruption.

The Yamato repair shop – Leave it up to the experts!

Don’t entrust anyone but the original manufacturer with the repair of your actuator units.

Our repair workshop is CE-certified and equipped with the latest technology for diagnostics, fine tuning and control. In case of a defect you can choose between two service models.

Spare Parts with highest manufacturer quality

Yamato Scale offers all necessary spare parts for the maintenance of your machines in highest manufacturer quality. All spare parts as well as modular components such as actuator and control units…

When was the last time you changed the filter?

When was the last time you changed the filter? With time, the air filter gets clogged with dirt and dust, diminishing the amount of air that can …

Complete mixing systems from a single source

From planning to commissioning, Yamato Scale provides everything from a single source…

Weighing nuts & dried fruits, cereals and snacks

Do you know which machines you need for the weighing and mixing of nuts and dried fruits, cereals, and snacks? See our lineup of specialized multihead weighers for these markets…

Creation of mixes with a Yamato multihead weigher

Create your very own mixes! Combinations of up to 8 different components are possible, even if the ingredients have widely differing characteristics…

Spare parts package for immediate aid

Breakdown of the production process is always annoying and an expensive issue. In order to avoid it, Yamato offers you …

Modernization set for your multihead weigher

Yamato offers you the opportunity to replace the Remote Control Unit of your mutiheadweigher and to upgrade the features of your machines according to the latest technologies.

After-Sales Service Portfolio

At Yamato Scale, we are here for you well beyond your purchase of your Yamato weigher. The Yamato service covers the entire lifespan of your Yamato machines. Whatever you need for your machine to be performing at its best, the Yamato Service Team is just a phone call away.

How to create mixed products containing several components

With Yamato’s mixing application, your multihead weighers can not only weigh the required amount of product and package it, they also allow you to develop new and/or refine already marketed products.

Modular Signal Tower | Traffic Lights for Machinery Control

We are aware of the fact that every minute of production downtime leads to a loss. Therefore, we highly recommend that you equip every multihead weigher with a signal tower.
And this is how the signal tower works…

Control your packaging process by using an external Industrial Panel-PC

Optimize your packaging process!
An external Industrial Panel-PC enables your production staff to carry out process changes and eliminate malfunctions more quickly.

Yamato Scale Europe | Trade Fairs in Europe 2019 – 2021

Yamato Scale was present at these trade shows.

Thank you for your visit.

We look forward to seeing you at the next show!

Yamato hosts its first annual European Sales Conference

From November 20 – 21, 2018, Yamato Scale hosted its first annual European Sales Conference.

Repair of machine components in manufacturer´s quality

Repair in manufacturer´s quality

You should not underestimate the impact of low-quality repairs when it comes to your packaging process. Otherwise, you could run the risk of losing your EC-Certification.

Customer Service close to you | Multihead Weighers & Checkweighers with metal detector

We are happy to inform you that Yamato Scale has expanded its network in Italy …

Useful tips for weighing and packaging fragile goods

How should a multihead weigher be designed for the weighing and packaging of fragile goods? Find the solution here!

Yamato Checkweighers | J-Series

Innovatively designed checkweighers with intuitive navigation, easy operation and reliable control…

How to extend the life expectancy of a multihead weigher?

Although they have an important function, dust filters are often neglected . They filter dirt and dust from the environment and bring clean air for cooling the electronic parts …

Caution: fake spare parts!

Fake Spare Parts – DANGER! Don’t be blinded by dubious special offers! Always keep in mind that a multihead weigher’s technology can only be as good as the quality of the …

When was the last time you changed the filter?

When was the last time you changed the filter? With time, the air filter gets clogged with dirt and dust, diminishing the amount of air that can …

Find the right multihead weigher for your production

The equipment of production and packaging machines is as diverse and individual as the products …

Function and application of semi-automatic multihead weighers

Semi-automatic multihead weighers offer an efficient weighing and packaging solution for products that are currently still being …

Yamato Gala at the Interpack

For our 2017 Gala evening, our goal was once again to organize an unrivaled event. Among the many invited guests …

Find the right multihead weigher for wrapped sweets

Each product has its own unique characteristics, and these have to be kept in mind during the designing of …

Find the right multihead weigher for soft products

Each product has its own unique characteristics, and these have to be kept in …

Find the right multihead weigher for sticky products

Each product has its own unique characteristics, and these have to be kept in mind during the designing of the product’s packaging …

Yamato Subsidiary in Italy

It is our pleasure to announce the foundation of Yamato’s Italy subsidiary. Italy is famous for its food traditions. The Italian gastronomic specialties are …