High-speed weighing to maintain the quality of IQF products

  • To gain the most in efficiency and productivity in the production processes of IQF products.
  • Reduction of product loss and product deposit leads to excellent precision.
  • Innovative weighing system greatly shortens the weighing cycle, and therefore allows mixing of applications that need many valid buckets.

Frozen products must be packed respecting specific conditions.

Yamato has successfully focused on these specific requirements in the development of its multihead weighers designed for the weighing of frozen fruit, frozen vegetables and frozen meat.

Yamato on the field of Frozen Products

An impressive increase in productivity, compliance with the hightest hygiene standards and the dimple plate execution make Yamato’s bestsellers for the frozen food industry the number one choice for the weighing of a wide range of IQF products, such as French Fries, peas, broccoli, Brussel sprouts, vegetable mixes, raspberries, strawberries, mixes of various berries, fruit mixes, and meat products.

Leave-it-to-me function for easy operation

  • The interactive control modules can be operated easily and intuitively. They allow for a quick and easy set up of new programs.
  • Auto-Tuning function performs self-diagnostics and automatic adjustment to achieve the best suitable weighing situation for a product. Therefore, even a beginner can operate the weigher and change products easily.
  • Feedback control of the feeder amplitude realizes stable and optimum product feeding.

Food safety to keep your social responsibility and trust

  • Fully sealed stainless steel enclosure complies with the highest hygiene standards. (IP67).
  • YDB (Yamato Diffusion Bonding) buckets have no space for dust and bacteria propagation on the bonding plane.
  • The polygon-shaped bucket is easy to clean as it is light and rigid and the corners form obtuse angles.

Minimal downtime for maintenance

  • The load cell withstands up to 150kg; therefore, maintenance and cleaning do not require extreme caution.
  • Various indications for quick recovery are available, such as Alarm display and Replacement time display for consumable parts.

Green Technology

  • Yamato’s feedback control of feeders can achieve up to 60% power consumption reduction.
  • Wider product windows reduce sealing errors and contribute to reducing packaging waste.
  • Reduced heat generation contributes to the preservation of the product’s quality.

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Yamato Multihead Weighing IQF Products

Multihead weigher for deep-frozen food

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