Did you know that in addition to high precision weighers Yamato also provides all the peripheral equipment needed for your packaging line?

The benefits of Yamato Integrated Packaging Solutions:

  • expert advice and support for your filling process
  • reduced number of interfaces during implementation
  • simplification of your planning process
  • high application security
  • streamlining of your procurement
  • perfectly adjusted components provide high security and efficiency in your production process
  • easy coordination of appointments with only one partner

A perfect adjustment of the individual components of your packaging line allows you to significantly improve your packaging process. You will always be on the safe side with a one-stop packaging line designed, installed and implemented by a single source.

“We support our customer during the entire course of the project and consistently provide a sustained optimization of your packaging process”, says Guido Burgsmüller, Yamato’s Manager of Integrated Packaging Solutions.

Yamato hereby pursues its strategy as the leading manufacturer of state-of-the-art weighing machines. Years of experience have shown that the adequate quality of the accessory components of the packaging line is crucial to the faultless implementation of the entire packaging process. The importance of a sturdy gantry for the perfect adjustment between feed line and weigher are often underestimated even though these elements can have a significant influence on the targeted results.

We offer you the entire product range of peripheral equipment. From vibrating product feed lines and conveyors and elevators to product distribution systems between the multihead weigher and the packaging machine, Yamato provides all elements according to the food hygiene requirements defined by the European Union.

Whether you are planning a complex or a simplified packaging process, we are here to help you! Our extensive experience with a great variety of packaging forms as, for example, tubular bags, sachets, doypacks, trays, cups, or cartons make us your primary contact.

We are equally able to help you optimize your existing packaging lines. Our knowledge and experience allow us to redesign existing lines to achieve a lasting positive influence on its performance and your results.

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Mr. Guido Burgsmüller
Manager Integrated Packaging Solutions
T +49 (0)162 204 1925
  • Yamato scale on a gantry
  • The concept includes a lifting unit for standard containers including vibration feeder with storage bunker
  • This application is designed for cake decor
  • Two Yamato scales on a gantry for mixing of 2 products
  • Two different feeding systems: One lifting unit for standard containers including vibration feeder with storage bunker as well as an elevator
  • This application is designed for packing of chocolate sprinkles
Elewator, Systemy Transportu Produktu, Pakowania, Naważanie
  • Movable transfer system between Yamato scale and thermo forming machine, also known as the MPD-system

Integrated packaging solutions

Efficiency and flexibility have a name

The multi-head weigher is the central machine in the filling process of a weighing and packaging line. It is responsible for the precise dosing of the product. With a Yamato weigher, you are opting for high-quality weighing technology that will fulfill all your expectations.

An optimal filling process also requires other systems such as feeder technology, platforms or frames, distribution systems, discharge systems, washing walls and cleaning systems, etc.

Yamato is your competent partner, be it for weighing technology or for complete packaging solutions.

Each project is handled by an experienced project manager who will be your contact person from the first discussion of the planning and implementation phase right up to the official commissioning. He will assume the coordination between your company and Yamato for all aspects of the project and will commission partner companies for the necessary additional components.

For further information or a customized offer:
Mr. Guido Burgsmüller
Manager Integrated Packaging Solutions
T +49 (0)162 204 1925

Platforms and frames

The platforms and frames used must be constructed correctly so that the weigher can be optimally included. Platforms may not be too weakly dimensioned as this may have unfavourable effects on the weigher. They should be walkable if possible, subject to the relevant safety regulations. The requirements are different again if a vibration channel is to be installed on the platform.

Feeder technology

Feeder technology such as, e.g., vibration channels or conveyor belts must be geared exactly to the needs of your products. Both the multihead weigher and the feeding system have to fulfill different requirements depending on the type of product to be filled and packed. The vibration characteristics of the feeding chutes, for example, have to be perfectly adjusted to the specific product to be transported.

Belts and elevators

Belts and elevators are designed very differently depending on whether you wish to fill wrapped sweets, jellies, frozen fish, frozen vegetables, fresh salad, chips, dowel pins, screws or other products. Hygiene, ease of cleaning, material of the parts coming into contact with the product, performance, and IP protection classes are just some of the factors that should be considered.

Distribution systems

An MPD (Multi Position Discharge) system such as those used, for example, in the case of multi-channel packaging machines often place special demands on the construction. There are several variants here, from a simple system that distributes the output from a weigher with an outlet onto several channels up to a weigher with six outlets leading to a multi-channel, continuously operating packaging machine.

Special discharge systems

The implementation of discharge systems in front of the packaging machine often simplifies the packaging process. This will help prevent overfilled packaging and lead to personnel and time savings. The costs per packaging unit can therefore be calculated and influenced more accurately.

Washing and cleaning systems

Whoever works with raw materials, foodstuffs or chemicals knows how crucial hygiene systems are. Washing walls for hanging up the parts coming into contact with the product when cleaning reduce downtimes and must be designed in an ergonomically sensible manner. When fitting the containers, they must be opened automatically and can then be wet-cleaned optimally.

Our range of services for complete packaging lines

  • complete planning of weigher systems and packaging lines
  • cooperation with renowned manufacturers of packaging lines
  • individual product tests
  • individual weigher and packaging solutions
  • technical implementation
  • coordination of all orders and deliveries
  • monitoring of all project deadlines
  • implementation of control technology
  • technical documentation
  • production support
  • training