Data Acquisition

All Yamato multihead weighers and checkweighers are capable of using data acquisition software. This enables a fast data exchange between the scales and a PC.

Product contact parts

In case of a production change, you can continue to use your multihead weigher. All you need to do is replace the elements that come into contact with the product. Turning a scale initially used for dry applications into one for sticky products or mixtures is quick and easy.

A webcam for more effective process monitoring

Effective process monitoring has never been easier. A webcam, integrated at the crucial points of your packaging line, provides you with a complete overview and allows you to react quickly and efficiently in the case of a disruption.

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Cibus Tec 2019

Thank you for visiting us at the CibusTec in Parma!

From October 22nd to 25th, 2019, Yamato Scale was present at the CibusTec exhibition in Parma, Italy in hall 2 booth F19.