Yamato Scale offers you a wide range of multihead weighers for the creation of product mixes

Integrated Packaging Solutions

From planning to commissioning, you will receive everything from a single source. A Yamato consultant is by your side every step of the way during your entire project.

Your benefits

  • expert advice and support for your filling process
  • only one provider for the entire packaging line
  • simplification of your planning process
  • high application security
  • streamlining of your procurement
  • perfectly adjusted components and customized design provide high security and efficiency in your production process
  • easy coordination of appointments with only one partner

Selection of reference projects

Project planning and realization incl. accessory equipment delivered by Yamato Scale.

Yamato 14-head multihead weigher: Application for a 4-mix of cereals, nuts and dried fruits.

Product feeder, linear feeder pans and buckets made of various surfaces: standard plain plate, dimple plate and special Yamato dimple plate.

Complex feeding system for a 4-mix application.

Complex feeding system for a 3-mix application.

The entire system is controlled via the operating unit of the multihead weigher.

Complex feeding system for a 6-mix application.

The project includes a 24-head multihead weigher.

Project planning and realization including the supply of all peripheral equipment was carried out by Yamato Scale.

The project includes a 32-head high performance multihead weigher.

Complex feeder system for a 4-mix application.

Project planning and realization including the supply of all accessory equipment was carried out by Yamato Scale.

Customized and flexible solution for product feeding.

The product is fed through the ceiling of the production hall.

Customized accessory for product feeding.

Yamato 32-head multihead weigher. Complex feeding system for a 6-mix application.

Customized transfer system adapted to the customer’s specific requirements.

Feeding, weighing and packaging are located on three floors. For this reason, the entire system is controlled by an Industrial Panel PC.

Read more about the Industrial Panel PC…

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Walter ten Bruggencate

Sales Manager Europe

“Weighing and dosing of mixed products is one of our core competences. Before purchasing a multihead weigher, please consult us for advice and for a free test with your original product. Furthermore you have the possibility to convert already installed machines into mixing scales in order to develop completely new product ranges”.


These recommendations are based on 20 years of valuable experience at Yamato Scale.

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