Technical training webinars

Staff turnover and technological developments can always lead to your operating personnel being overwhelmed with the control of the packaging system. Play it safe by regularly training the people involved, thus ensuring adequate handling of the valuable multihead weighers.

Live demonstrations of machine settings
All details are explicitly explained to your employees.

Zoom trainings

That is why we offer you the possibility to train your staff regularly via Zoom trainings, despite contact restrictions. The great advantage is that your employees don’t have to be in the same room! You reduce the risk of contagion and do not have to take shift schedules into consideration when making appointments.

The training materials are tailored to these virtual lessons and include videos and visual aids. Furthermore, live demonstrations from our training area are shown. Following the training, the participants receive a PDF script with the presented content which they can use as a reference book.

All questions can be asked via chat or voice mode. A trusting and constructive training atmosphere is created.

Live webinars

These webinars are conducted live and on-demand. During the training, participants can ask questions via chat or voice function. After successful completion of the training, participants receive a certificate attesting the acquired knowledge.

The dates and the contents of the training will be determined with you in advance in an individual consultation.

Another advantage is the low cost of the training. With Zoom trainings, travel costs for trainers and participants are no longer a factor.

Despite contact restrictions, you are able to ensure the proper handling of your machines. This allows you to extend the duration of their operation.

Benefit from the many advantages of this virtual training.

  • Safe handling of the machines
  • No risk of infection for your employees
  • Flexibility in time
  • No travel costs
  • Low financial impact
  • No strain on the environment due to travel
Patrick Coursier

Patrick Coursier

Manager Technical/Customer Service

“Continuous training for operators is essential. Our customers know that improper handling of the machines during the production process and during the subsequent cleaning can have a decisive negative impact on the longevity of the machines. In addition to the handling, the operating of the machine is most important to achieve high efficiency in weight and speed. This training gives your operators the confidence to run the sophisticated weighers to reach the optimum results. We strongly recommend using our online offer to avoid interruptions in the continuous training process.”


These recommendations are based on 30 years of experience at Yamato Scale.

Contact us today and request your individual training offer. We will be happy to assist you.

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