In terms of weighing technology, Yamato’s Omega multihead weigher series offers us precisely those characteristics which we also pride ourselves in offering our customers with our products and services: quality, innovation and competence. For the processing, refining and consignment of our nuts and dried fruits, we use the most modern technology to ensure that the quality and freshness of our first-class raw material is preserved all the way to our end products. With a daily production of over 120 tons, the machines in our production lines must process large amounts of volume gently and carefully at high speed. A quick processing that is optimally tailored to respect the characteristics of our delicate products while also respecting the highest standards of hygiene is crucial here. The multihead weighers of Yamato’s Omega series meet all these requirements. Their speed and efficiency enhance our performance, allowing us to reach our targeted production amounts. And their reliability and flexibility allow us to respond to the individual wishes of our customers within the shortest time.