Innovatively designed checkweighers with intuitive navigation, easy operation and reliable control

Checkweigehr_Weight Checker_Kontrollwaage_Metalldetector

The manufacture of dynamic checkweighers has become a core competence of Yamato Scale. For several decades, Yamato has established itself as a trendsetter in the area of industrial weighing.

Our technological advancement is considered a pioneer for the entire industrial field.

Checkweigher_Weightchecker_Weight Checker_Kontrollwaage_Dynamische Kontrollwaage

Innovatively designed checkweighers with intuitive navigation, easy operation and reliable control

Checkweighers with outstanding performance

Yamato has applied its acquired knowledge and experience to the development of further weighing equipment. We are proud to announce that all three series of dynamic checkweighers, G-Series, I-Series and the latest J-Series, meet the highest standard. Our long-standing customers are convinced of the performance of the Yamato multihead weighers and appreciate having the opportunity to also buy checkweighers with Yamato quality.

But, what makes Yamato dynamic checkweighers so special? Let´s consider the checkweigher in the J-Series. There are a wide range of features which convince our customers. First of all is the extraordinary performance. Depending upon the model, the dynamic checkweigher is able to handle up to 480 packages per minute with an accuracy of ± 0.07g.  Its flexible design makes it applicable everywhere. The design can be easily customized in terms of length and height as well as in the width of the conveyor. However, the most convincing argument is the easy operation of the checkweiger. The aptly named “easy Setting” function enables even inexperienced staff to reliably control your production. It requires just a brief set of instructions to allow lesser qualified operators to be able to adapt the checkweigher to check new products. That is the reason why our customers appreciate it, as they save time and manpower in the form of surveillance personnel. The advanced technology of the checkweigher precisely measures the new product, and the configuration of the control function is set automatically. Our checkweighers require only a few simple clicks in the operation menu before your production is reliably adjusted.

Checkweigher_Weight Checker_Kontrollwaage_Easy operation

The Checkweighers of the J-Series are an innovation of the already successful I-Series.

Checkweighers characterized by accuracy and flexibility

There are two options for rejecting packages which do not meet the required quality in terms of weight or contamination. This can be done pneumatically or electrically. Furthermore, various options of reject mechanisms are available. It must be emphasized that even large packages and heavy weights can also be rejected precisely and reliably.

The high accuracy of the Yamato dynamic checkweigher – and this is valid for all model ranges – is due to the advanced Yamato Load Cell. It reduces the stabilizing time and accelerates the speed.

Furthermore, the entire range of dynamic checkweighers meets the highest level of food safety and is compliant with both HACCP and GMP.

Various features, such as a color touch display, memory space for 300 programs and a maintenance information function are available in the standard versions of the J-Series. A wide range of additional features is offered to simplify the operating procedures and to enhance the security of the customer’s production.

Dynamic Checkweigher_Weight Checker_Kontrollwaage_Load Cell_Accuracy

The high accuracy of the Yamato dynamic checkweigher is due to the advanced Yamato Load Cell.

Checkweigher with metal detector_Weight Checker_Kontrollwaage_Dynamische Kontrollwaage mit Metall Detektor

The Checkweighers of the J-Series are available with a highly reliable metal detector. The combination of the two is characterized by flexibility, making it widely applicable.

Checkweighers with a reliable metal detector

All versions of the Yamato dynamic checkweigher can be equipped with high performance metal detectors.

These and many other features make the Yamato dynamic checkweighers of the J-Series your desirable checking machine. However, the most important argument is their price-performance ratio. The J-Series belongs to our low-cost product line.

Walter ten Bruggencate

Sales Manager Europe

Checkweigher with outstanding price-performance ratio


“With the launch of the Yamato J-Series dynamic checkweighers, we have succeeded in enriching the market for weighing systems with a smart, robust and flexible weighing solution at an affordable price.”


These recommendations are based on 20 years of experience at Yamato Scale.

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