Checkweighers of the I-Series offer the best hygiene standards

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All Yamato I-Series checkweighers can be equipped with a metal detector.

Highest hygiene requirements fullfilled

The machines meet the highest quality and hygiene standards in the industry. With a protection class of IP67 and IP69, the I-Series checkweighers can be used for all kinds of wet applications. The machines can easily be integrated into any packaging process and fit your individual requirements. The checkweighers are available with a large range of length and width of belts and allow for a highly customized design.

User-friendly operation

The Yamato checkweighers of the I-Series are characterized by their intuitive operation and easy maintenance. Due to the user-friendly operation menu, even operating staff with little experience is be able to handle a checkweigher of the I-Series.

A maintenance history as well as a schedule for future maintenance interventions can be easily controlled via the menu guidance system. The intelligent software ensures a reliable and constant production flow.

Checkweighers in combination with metal detectors

The modular design of the metal detector ensures the flexibility of customizable packaging lines. The Yamato integrated combination – Metal Detector & Dynamic Checkweigher – is a sophisticated solution. It conforms to both HACCP and BRC design criteria and is compatible with IFS production monitoring.

You will find further information about the Yamato I-Series checkweighers here…

Network connection capabilities

The ability to network with peripheral devices improves the production yield rate and saves labour costs.

Below you will find a list of the available models of the Yamato Checkweigher I-Series as well as details about the sizes, capacities and additional options.

Find the right checkweigher for your packaging line.

Checkweigher ModelCapacity | Conveyor Belt WxL 
Infeed ConveyorWeigh Conveyor
Capacity (g)Overall length IF + WC (mm)Belt width (mm)Belt length (mm)Belt width (mm)Belt length (mm)Up to weighings
per min.
CSI06LW6 - 600570 / 660 / 680 /
770 / 880
160 / 240240 / 330 / 440160 / 240240 / 330 / 440480
with Metal detector
6 - 600570 / 660 / 680 / 770 / 880240590160 / 240240 / 330 / 440480
CSI22LW20 - 2,200440 / 570 / 680 /
770 / 880
160 / 240330 / 440160 / 240240 / 330 / 440480
with Metal detector
20 - 2,200830 / 920 / 1,030240590160 / 240240 / 330 / 440480
CSI33LW30 - 3,300570 / 680 / 770 / 880 / 1,000240 / 320330 / 400 / 440 / 500 / 600240 / 320240 / 330 / 440 / 500 / 600310
with Metal detector
30 - 3,300830 / 920 / 1,030 / 1,200 / 1,400240590 / 800320400 / 500 / 600190
CMI06LW60 - 6,000800 / 900 / 1,000 / 1,100 / 1,200320 / 400400 / 500 / 600320 / 400400 / 500 / 600130
with Metal detector
60 - 6,6001, 200 / 1,300 / 1,400400800320 / 400400 / 500 / 600130

Find the desired reject unit.

Reject device systemConveyor Width
Conveyor Length
Air blast
2 directions
160240 / 330 / 440Standard rejecter for up to 300g weight. Amplified Air blast for larger products.For removing out of tolerance product from line with minimum vibration. Available in standard or amplified air blast designs for larger products.
240330 / 440
160330 / 440
240330 / 440
Diverter arm
3 directions
160600Pneumatic / Motor / Motor for high speedHigh speed diverter arm for removing out of tolerance product from line with minimum vibration.
240600Pneumatic / Motor / Pneumatic for high torque
2 directions
160240 / 330 / 440Eliminates overweight or underweight product by pushing with a board on the tip of air cylinder. Suitable for box products and thick bags.
320400 / 500 / 600
Driven drop flap
2 directions
160240 / 330 / 440Eliminates overweight or underweight products by conveyor coming down.
Suitable for thin products.
320400 / 600
400400 / 500 / 600

Find the additional functions that will optimize your packaging process.

Option itemExplanation
Data printer | IP67Printer sums up and prints out various production control data through a simple menu.
IP69K washdown upgradeTest unit shall withstand water pressure of 80 - 100BAR at 80°C for cleaning purposes.
Line height change possible between 410+/-20mm to 950 +100/-50mmChange of line height for easy adoption to up-/downstream device.
Conveyor guideArranges the product in a straight line and improves the monitoring process.
Windshield coverWindshield cover blocks out the wind effect from outside.
Blue beltsAnti-slip surface, improved cleaning.
Transfer plateCloses the gap between conveyors.
Beacon light | available in either red or yellow | IP65Signal Light notifies operator of weighing errors and hardware/software abnormalities.
Stack light | tri-color | IP54Signal Light notifies operator of weighing errors and hardware/software abnormalities.
Buzzer | IP65Buzzer notifies operator of weight errors and hardware/software abnormalities.
Electricity monitoring function | Monitoring motor conditionElectricity monitoring system that tells you where and when energy is being consumed and the status of all motors.
Wireless LAN | Range up to 50mLinks the device and forms a local area network.
Data Acquisition Software (single), incl. RS232C optionMonitoring software for detailed production list and enhanced control.
RS232C outputStandard for serial communication.
RS422 outputRS-422 provides for data transmission, using balanced, or differential, signaling, with unidirectional/non-reversible, terminated or non-terminated transmission lines, point to point, or multi-drop.
Ethernet output, incl. Basic Data Acquisition SoftwareEthernet communication enables data acquisition with multiple stations and allows remote control.
BCD outputA binary coded decimal output mostly used for program number change by external device.
Feedback controlA function that sends back overweight or underweight signal to an upstream feeding device in order to conform weight of feeding products to standard value.
Dual loadcellAdvances the weighing speed and accuracy. The output of the weighing load cell compensates the influence of floor vibrations, thereby shortening the stabilizing time.
MID sealing kit OIML R 137MID Machine seal according to European Measuring Instruments Directive 2014/32/EU.
External indicatorData transfer to an external indicator.
Reject bin, standard and lockableFor collection of rejected items.
Safety cover for reject binsProtects against manual intervention of individuals.
Open/close sensor for windshield coverThe machine stops when the cover is opened.
Bin-full sensorThe machine stops when the bin is full with rejected items.
Reject confirmation functionConfirms whether the error products were properly rejected and prevents the error products from passing into the latter line.
PH2 (second Photo Sensor) at the end of the weighing belt (Failsafe)Ensures correct weighing timing and avoids double-loading error.
Reject confirmation sensorThis function confirms whether the error products were properly rejected and prevents the error products from passing into the latter line.
Pass confirmation sensor (Failsafe)Last check and confirmation of the correct packages.

Dirk Gielen

Area Sales Manager D-A-CH & OEM

Checkweigher with outstanding hygienic features

“Yamato I-Series checkweighers are the right machines for demanding applications. The main difference lies in the highest hygienic properties of these checkweighers. Many customers in the frozen food and meat production industries are grateful for this reliable Yamato solution for monitoring and controlling their process.”


These recommendations are based on 20 years of experience at Yamato Scale.

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