See how your product can be weighed and packaged in a non-binding product test

You are surely aware that the machines generally offered on the market do not necessarily fit your production process. Each product is unique and has its own specific features that call for an individual machine specification. Of course, the manufacturer’s experience helps to define the equipment of a multihead weigher relatively quickly, but this is far from being the OPTIMAL machine for you.

To determine the best possible configuration for your multihead weigher, we at Yamato take the time to test the characteristics of your original product. In our test and demo area, we explicitly simulate your packaging process with your product. Only after a thorough evaluation of the results can the final design of your multihead weigher be determined. This way you can be sure that the machine you receive is a perfect fit for your product.

At Yamato, we can simulate the entire scope of your packaging process, including the feeding and packaging machine, and support you in choosing the right peripheral equipment.

How does customer product testing work?

In a one-on-one consultation, our experts will define your requirements with you. Depending on the performance levels to be reached, the series of multihead weigher can then be determined. Once we have received a small quantity of your original product*, several test runs will be performed. Based on the evaluation of the production data, the features that best fit your product are selected and the bespoke design of your multihead weigher is created.


*Depending on the application, a sample of 1-10 kg will be required.

Tests with your original product can be performed on all product lines. This includes Automatic Multihead Weighers, Semi-Automatic Multihead Weighers and Checkweighers.

For which machines is a test with the original product recommended?

To determine the optimum multihead weigher equipment, it is always recommended to perform a test run with your original product.

  • For calculating ROI on the purchase of semi-automatic multihead weighers
  • To see for yourself the performance of the checkweighers (including metal detectors)

Our test and demo area is equipped with various machines to aid in the analysis and the determination of the required machine design.

Product test for semi-automatic multihead weighers

A test run with your original product allows you to convince yourself of the productivity of the scale. The data obtained in realistically simulated conditions allows you to calculate your savings before purchasing the machine. By the way, all our customers who have tested our semi-automatic multihead weigher with their own product in advance were convinced and subsequently integrated the weigher into their production line.

Checkweigher product test

If you want to convince yourself of the performance of our checkweighers beforehand, a test run with your original product is the perfect opportunity to do so. Not only will you be able to experience the weighing performance of the weighers and the reliability of the metal detectors, but you will also gain insight into the control data.

Come by and accompany the test

You are cordially invited to accompany the test run and gain insight into the functioning of the multihead weigher. If you are unable to be present, you will receive a video recording of the test. You also have the possibility of assisting the test run live via Zoom and asking questions during the test.

Patrick Coursier

Patrick Coursier

Manager Technical/Customer Service

“Our customers can be sure that they are buying the right weigher if they carry out a test run with their original product when planning a packaging line. These tests give us the opportunity to create a specification and thus determine the perfect equipment for your machine …”


These recommendations are based on 30 years of experience at Yamato Scale.

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