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Fake Spare Parts_Danger

The problem of fake spare parts is not a new one and is certainly not specific to the packaging industry. Granted, you may come across tempting offers that promise you great savings. But watch out! The dramatic consequences these fake spare parts have on the operating efficiency of your multihead weigher are not to be underestimated.

Remember –

if you buy cheap, you will end up buying twice!

Fake Spare Pars

Beware: fake spare parts! 

Fake spare parts have dramatic consequences on the operating efficiency of your multihead weigher.

Consequences of using non-original spare parts:

[ 1 ]  Countersink due to corrosion

Fake Spare Parts-DANGER!

Inadequate material leads to the formation of rust on mechanical parts. These parts are, however, essential for the correct operating of the multihead weigher. Corroded ball bearings prevent the smooth movement of the actuator and lead to countersink of the counterpart rod end. A diminished performance and even downtimes of the entire packaging line can result.

[ 2 ]  Inadequate material

Fake Spare Parts-DANGER!

Corrosion and calcification are the result of the use of inadequate material. Over time, the construction is not able to withstand the loads and risks breaking off. The valuable load cell that is attached to it falls, leading to irreparable damage.

[ 3 ]  Porous surface

Fake Spare Parts - DANGER!

This spare part is of inferior quality. You can tell this from the porous surface, an indication that material of insufficient quality was used in its production. This restricts the smooth opening and closing of the buckets, thereby leading to incorrect target weights and a diminished performance.

[ 4 ]  Ream of buckets hangers

Fake Spare Parts - DANGER!

A correct setting of the actuator unit is not possible when inadequate spare parts have been used. The movements of the actuator unit are transmitted as jolts, causing a deformation of the feed and weighing buckets hangers.

[ 5 ]  Inadequate material

Fake Spare Parts - DANGER!

If parts of the multihead weigher are covered in rust, this leads to the contamination of the product to be weighed. Particles of rust can peel off and pollute the product. The trouble is that these particles are very small and can therefore not be caught by the metal detectors. The quality of your product suffers and you risk losing the trust your clients place in you.

[ 6 ]  Rejected rod end

Fake Spare Parts - DANGER!

A correct setting of the multihead weigher’s actuator unit cannot be done if the weigher contains non-original spare parts. The necessary fine-tuning cannot be performed, leading to an impaired performance. The opening and closing mechanisms of the buckets are defective.

By using fake spare parts, you risk:

  • irreparable damage to your multihead weighers
  • impaired performance of your packaging line
  • unreliable operating of your machine
  • loss of production
  • costly repairs due to subsequent damage
  • loss of reputation due to unauthorized production material, especially in the food industry
  • all guarantee claims becoming null and void
Patrick Coursier

Patrick Coursier

Manager Technical/Customer Service

“We keep coming across the aftermath of the use of spare parts copies” says Patrick Coursier, Head of Customer Service at Yamato. “Regretfully we have to say that the incurred damage is irreparable in most cases. The only way out is to exchange complete components, which ends up costing the customer more.”

„…These recommendations are based on 30 years of experience at Yamato Scale…“

You can reach our Customer Service hotline at:

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