Dataweigh ALPHA Advance

The multihead weigher with the best price-performance ratio!

Introducing Yamato Scale’s newest development – the scales of the ALPHA Advance Series live up to the success of the world’s most popular multihead weighers.

The new series unites the best properties of the existing ALPHA models with the latest developments in terms of weighing technology.

What is it that makes this machine the best multihead weigher in the world?

The answer is obvious:

  • Food safety: The design of the buckets combined with the hygienic structure of the main body (the modular actuator units are fully covered by a stainless steel plate) simplify and speed up the cleaning process, providing for excellent sanitation.
  • Ease of maintenance: All parts in contact with your product (top cone, linear feeder pan, buckets, and chutes) can easily be removed and attached without tools.
  • Great accuracy: the modular actuator unit incorporates the high-perfomance Yamato Strain Gauge Load Cell with stepper motor driven system.
  • Reliability: all important system parameters can be monitored and provide self-diagnostics.

Several of the main features of the multihead weigher:

  • 10,4″ Color Touch Screen
  • Up to 300 pre-set programs can be memorized
  • 2 products mixing is available
  • USB memory port for data acquisition and program update
  • Remote control for integration in operating networks
  • Feedback control between checkweigher and multihead weigher
  • Automatic production control function

Waterproof Execution

  • IP65 Compliant
  • Hygienic construction for food safety
  • Embossed stainless steel surface optimizes the product feeding
  • Large volume products can be handled by large bucket models ADW-A-0310SWL and ADW-A-0314SWL

High Speed Execution

  • Innovative Multihead Weigher with 28 heads
  • Sophisticated feeding control
  • Enhances productivity with two high-speed single tubes
  • Small footprint

Twin Model

  • Innovative Multihead Weigher with 28 heads
  • High-speed weigher for dry applications
  • Weighing of two separate simple products possible
  • Capable of serving two separate bagmakers

Compact Model

  • Best solution for small products and small target weighs
  • Small footprint
  • Each part is compact and therefore easy to clean
  • Low profile design, suitable for fragile products


Video Alpha Advanced

The weighers of the ALPHA Advance Series are versatile and optimally suited for the weighing of dry, sticky and frozen products.

The multihead weighers of the ALPHA Advance Series feature an outstanding price-performance ratio.

Yamato offers you a technologically perfected weigher at a sensationally good price!

Contact us – together we will find the best possible weighing solution for you!