Agrarfrost GmbH & Co. KG

We have been working with Yamato for many years. Agrarfrost focuses on sustainable behaviour in the manufacture of our products and regarding our responsibility towards the environment and our business partners. Yamato Scale covers all our needs.

By means of precision and clean product ejection, the multihead weighers and the Sigma series minimize the number of mispackaging, thus reducing our product and packaging material rejects considerably. This helps us to reach the ambitious goals we set for ourselves. Furthermore, annual maintenance guarantees long-term production safety. We can rely on the friendly and competent Yamato service in this regard. Yamato technicians know our product lines and are able to maintain our machines in order to ensure the consistent high quality of our products over time.


Die Abfüller – Hufnagel GmbH & Co. KG

Yamato Scale offers a convincing range of products and services. That was the most important criterion for us to decide in favor of choosing Yamato as our supplier. We are a young company with a great growth potential that wants to gain reputation in contract bottling as fast as possible.

To ensure and further expand our success, we select our partners with great care. The excellent quality of the multihead weighers and the reliable customer service facilitate our smooth packaging process. For the packaging of products like e.g. spices in particular, precision and speed play a decisive role. We are proud to meet our customers’ demands and appreciate Yamato’s contribution to this good performance. At this point, we are convinced that this first step is only the beginning of a trustful collaboration for many years.


Stoltzenberg Nuss GmbH

The multihead weighers by Yamato provide us with the solution we need for our products. In processing and refining our high-quality nuts and dry fruits, we focus on maintaining the freshness. The harvested raw ingredients need to be weighed and packaged quickly and carefully. In addition, the various compositions of individual product combinations need to be taken into account. The high-speed weighers by Yamato Scale help us weighing our products quickly, efficiently, and hygienically in compliance with the HACCP guidelines. The multi-purpose and quickly reprogrammable mixing software gives us the flexibility to compose ever-new mixtures of nuts and dry fruits. Moreover, the competent customer service comes quickly to our aid at any time to prevent delays in production.


Pickenpack SEAFOODS GmbH

The many years of Yamato’s experience in weighing deep-frozen products have convinced us. Our products are processed in an environment cooled down to minus 20 degrees Celsius. Therefore, we need technology that yields maximum performance in a permanently cool environment.

Yamato Scale has provided us with a customized system solution that meets exactly these requirements. Our products are weighed and packaged by means of a multihead weigher from the Omega series, thus maintaining the cold chain. We can comply with our strict hygiene regulations thanks to the design of the weighing buckets and their quick and easy cleaning at the washing wall. Furthermore, we contribute to protecting our environment by the reduced water consumption of the washing wall. It is convenient for us that Yamato offers everything from one source, as we simply need to call to get support quickly.


Wolf Verpackungsmaschinen GmbH

Collaborating with Yamato Scale guarantees satisfied customers. As a world-famous manufacturer of packaging machines, cooperating with reliable partners is of utmost importance. We offer a range of bag forming, filling and sealing machines featuring quality and flexibility, which is exactly what we expect from the complementary equipment. The combination of Wolf packaging machines and Yamato multihead weighers provides customers with a great deal of safety in production. Likewise, we appreciate the collaboration with the Yamato customer service team, the competence and professionalism of which is convincing.

We know from our own experience how important services are to customers, therefore, we pay special attention to that. We can fully rely on Yamato in this regard and know that projects we handle together will become a success – and our joint customers know that too.