Multihead Weigher, Checkweigher, Dosing Scales, Exhibitions in Europa

Yamato Scale was present at these trade shows.

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Trade Show Location Dates Booth number Yamato Scale subsidiary | Yamato Sales Partner
DJAZAGRO Algiers, Algeria Feb. 25 – 28 Booth C C 001 Sarl | DLT-Industries Algerie 
CFIA Rennes, France March 12 – 14 Hall 10
booth D52
Yamato Scale France
Empack Zürich, Switzerland April 10 – 11 Hall 4
booth J31
Empack  Dortmund, Germany May 8 – 9 Hall 4
booth D08b
Yamato Scale Germany
FachPack Nuremberg, Germany Sept. 24 – 26 Hall 1
booth 435
Yamato Scale Germany
Taropak Poznan, Poland Sept. 30 –
Oct. 3
Hall 8
booth 17
Promis Piotr Wyżykowski &
Yamato Scale Poland
AgroProdMash Moscow, Russia Oct. 7 – 11 Hall 1
booth 1E75
Yamato Scale Russia
CibusTec Parma, Italy Oct. 22 – 25 Hall 2
booth F19
Yamato Scale Italy
Fruit Attraction Madrid, Spain Oct. 22 – 24 Hall 3
booth 3E12A
Luciano Aguilar
Empack Mechelen, Belgium Oct. 23 – 24 Booth E013 Yamato Scale Benelux
Europack Euromanut CFIA Lyon, France Nov. 19 – 21 Hall 6
booth G82
Yamato Scale France
CFIA Rennes, France June 8 – 10 Yamato Scale France
FachPack Nuremberg, Germany Sept. 28 – 30 Hall 1
booth 1-354
Yamato Scale Germany
FOODTECH Athens, Greece Nov. 12 – 15 Morenos
Warsaw Pack Warsaw, Poland Nov. 23 – 25 Hall B
booth B1.01
Yamato Scale Poland

</p> <h5>Yamato Scale ALPHA Advance</h5> <p>

naważarki wielogłowicowe, przemysłowe wagi wielogłowicowe, automatyczny układ dozujący, dozownik wagowy kombinacyjny, kontrolny system ważenia, waga kontrolna, części zapasowe, przemysłowa technologia dozowania, naważarka wielogłowicowa

Machines you may have seen exhibited

[1] Designed for all types of candy and confectionery:

  • wrapped products: double twist wrapped candy · top twist · side twist · Vienna-fruit fold · flow wrapped · etc.
  • unwrapped products: winegums · jellies · licorice · pastilles · drops · jelly beans · chocolate candies
  • various candy bars: chocolate bars · cereal bars

[2] Control of 100 programs with the command console RCU920

[3] Mixed applications: simultaneous weighing of up to 4 different products

[4] Maximum performance for low and high target weights alike:

  • 120 discharges per minute for target weights of 8 g to 50 g
  • 100 discharges per minute for target weights of up to 500 g
  • 80 discharges per minute for target weights of up to 1,000 g (depending on the volume)
  • specially equipped for sticky jelly products such as fruit- or winegums
  • 160 discharges per minute for low target weights of 4 g to 25 g
  • very good sealing clearance and large product window for the packaging machine due to Yamato’s specially developed FRONTIER-technology with two collection gates that alternately open inwards into the format tube
  • control of up to 300 programs with the command console RCU810A
  • mixed applications: simultaneous weighing of up to 8 different products, given a respectively large number of weighing heads
  • As exhibited at the ProSweets, it can be used for checkweighing according to FPVO for all kinds of packaging with a maximum dimension of 330 x 240 x 200 mm (length x width x height): pillow bags · cans · cartoning machines · z-click boxes
  • double diverter arms to reject units with the wrong target weight or those with metal contamination
  • possibility to connect the checkweigher to an upstream multihead weigher or other weighing system in order to adjust the dosage accordingly by means of emitted impulses in the case of deviation from the target weight, thereby significantly enhancing the efficiency of the packaging line
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