Dataweigh SIGMA

The long-term proved multihead weigher

The Benefits of the Yamato SIGMA F1-Frontier-Series:


At Yamato, we continually strive to improve our products in light of a cleaner and healthier environment. The preservation of resources and the reduction of waste is a constant endeavor at Yamato. Using the Yamato Bottom Based Handling System (BBH), the Sigma F1-Frontier Series is able to minimize the number of packaging errors due to sealing failures, thereby also improving the cost-efficiency of the machine.


Another important focus of Yamato’s research and development is the increase in productivity. The number of rejected packs due to seal integrity problems can be significantly reduced by use of the newest Yamato technology while at the same time maintaining a constant high speed.


At Yamato, increased speeds as well as improved efficiency and productivity go along with reduced dimensions of the multihead weighers. The small footprint and reduced height of the weighers contribute to the reduction of the capital expenditure, as the costs for building and surface expansions can be drastically reduced.


Simplicity of Design and Structure offers:

  • Improved combination accuracy and speed with the minimum number of buckets
  • Simultaneous combination capability offers cost effective application interface

Dataweigh SIGMA

Technological diversity for just about any application
Groundbreaking technology

The Benefits of the Yamato SIGMA F1-Plus-Series:

  • New, more powerful CPU offers 10% higher operational speed and higher accuracy
  • Full stainless steel construction
  • IP 65 compliant
  • Backward compatible


  • Full stainless steel construction
  • Unique Push – Pull Drive system
  • Spring-free buckets
  • Large radius corner bucket design
  • Fully interchangeable buckets and Linear feeder pans


  • Robust bucket and linkage design

Maximum Up-time:

  • Modular Plug in Actuator
  • Buckets, pans and actuators fully interchangeable

Advanced Design Features:

  • Adjustable open/close door profiles
  • Linear feeder control
  • Central load cell for ancillary feed system
  • Compliant with all IP65 + waterproof standard

Tool Free Strip Down:

  • Quick release Linear feeder pans
  • Latch on top cone
  • Lift off buckets and chutes


  • Diverter unit

Dataweigh SIGMA

Compact and Functional Design

The Benefits of the Yamato SIGMA F1-Compact-Series:

  • High Accuracy
  • Small Target Weighing

Space Efficient

The small footprint and reduced height of the weigher allows simple integration into the existing packaging and processing lines.

Fragile Product Handling

Fragile products like cookies or chocolate drops are weighed and delivered to the packaging machine with the utmost delicacy. The compact design offers the benefit of reduced drop heights and chute lengths, thereby minimizing product fall distance and guaranteeing maximum safety for the product’s integrity.

Precise Mixing

The Sigma-F1 Technology and the extremely precise Yamato mixing software allow us to react to your individual requirements with great flexibility.
Yamato provides precise results customized to your needs, from a 4-point all the way up to a 12-point mixture.