Semi Automatic Weighers

The flexible weighing solution

The perfect weighing solution for „difficult“ products, which need to be packaged at fixed weights for the supermarkets shelves. The machines in this series are unique to the market and fill the need for processing between manual and automatic packaging. We ensure you Return on Investment within the shortest time …


The ideal combination scale to improve productivity and to reduce waste.

  • Securing from weight shortage in fixed weighing work
  • Jumping up the production speed for fixed weighing work
  • Improving the weighing quality and reducing give-away
  • Easy to clean (IP65 protection)
  • Priority head combination function
  • Weight & quantity combination function
  • Unit weight setting function
  • Production goal function
  • Special trays as tailor made options


An ideal combination scale for producing
fixed weight food packages.

  • Improvement in productivity
  • Reducing weighing loss
  • Minimizing product damage
  • Easy to clean (IP65 protection)
  • Achieving labor saving
  • Space-saving design
  • Easy to maintain
    (all conveyor belts are easy to detach)
  • Many types of collating conveyors are available


Fruits & Vegetables

An ideal combination scale for producing fixed weight food packages! Your advantages are savings of time, manpower and product-give-away!

Meat & Seafood

The machine optimizes your weighing and packaging process and saves valuable resources!